Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Victory

Congratulations to Yoshio Yamamoto for winning the Grand Strand Tour Championship at the Members Club at Grande Dunes.  Yosh had a great couple of days with rounds of 64 and 69.  He won the event by a blistering 7 shots!  He has been on a roll lately and he trains between events here at the Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy.  Keep it up Yosh!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Job Opportunity

Dustin Johnson's caddie Joe LaCava recently was pulled away from him by Tiger Woods.  Tiger simply announced the other day that he had hired Joe.  Dustin had no idea and Joe nor Tiger asked him about it.  This is simply business as usual for Tiger and this seems to be the way he does things.  Dustin won't skip a beat or worry about it too much.  He will find someone else soon.  If you are interested I would get your resume in soon.  It should pay pretty well!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Technical Tuesday. Accelerate?

You always hear golfers say, "make sure you accelerate through the ball."  In putting, this can lead to a stroke that is very short on the way back and very long on the way through.  This can cause a big problem in distance control.  In my opinion the followthrough in putting should be slightly shorter than the backswing.  The putter should get up to speed quickly as it nears the ball and slow down rather quickly after the hit.  This will give you a little "pop" to your strike and great control of the distance.  A putter is simply a weight on a stick.  Let the weight of the putter and its momentum do the work.  Any added force is bad.  Ben Crenshaw once said, "once i put the putter in motion it swings itself."