Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rocketbladez put to the test

Today I received my new Rocketbladez demo irons, so I thought I would put them to the test.  The demo irons were stiff steel shafts with standard length and lie.  I tested them against my current irons which are the TaylorMade MC irons with S300 stiff steel shafts that are 1.5" longer than standard.  (The demo irons are shorter in length than my current irons).  My guess before going out was that the Rocketbladez would go about the same distance as my current irons because my current irons are fit for me and are much longer in length.  Boy was I wrong!! Here are the results:

                                             Distance        Club Speed       Ball Speed
MC PW                                    127                 76                      93
Rocketbladez PW                    128                 78                       94

MC 7iron                                 157                 80                       110
Rocketbladez 7iron                  164                82                       115

MC 4 iron                                181                 88                       121
Rocketbladez 4 iron                193                 88                       127

***The test was done with some pretty old TaylorMade range balls on a 57 degree day***
***10 balls were hit with each club***

The Rocketbladez definitely go further than anything I have hit.  The most impressive thing was the increase in ball speed.  The Rocketbladez 4 iron went 12 yards further on average because of a 6 mph advantage in ball speed.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Everyone knows the definition of insanity.  In golf, why do some golfers refuse to get REAL help with their game?  I see a lot of golfers who try and figure it out on their own only to figure out that they can't.  Golf is such a hard game to advance at if you don't have proper instruction.  Since golfers can only go off what they feel they are doing or what their 20 handicap buddy tells them they are doing, it is hard to find/fix the problem.  Most golfers swings' don't change very much when they practice or try to improve on the range by themselves simply because they don't know how to fix their own faults.  If you knew absolutely nothing about cars, imagine trying to fix your own!  The price you pay for lessons might be worth it.  Those headaches you get every time you play could be eliminated.