Monday, September 23, 2013

Stenson wins it all

Henrick Stenson had a tremendous last half of the year and capped it off with a win at the Tour Championship to win the Fed Ex Cup.  Stenson, in my opinion, dominated the last 3 months on the tour.  It seemed like he was close to winning almost every event he played.  Stenson was struggling a few years ago to find his game.  Well, he found it.  I think he has worked tremendously hard on his swing and short game.  When he hits a ball, it looks like he is hurting the ball.  His trademark 3 wood off the tee has given him a great advantage.  The tour players seem to be hitting fairway woods off the tee more and more these days.  Stenson seems to be the best at it.  The Fed Ex season was fun to watch and Stenson deserves a big congratulations.  Good work Henrick!