Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's incredible when you get into a bad putter's head and ask them what they are thinking about.  I hear things like, "i feel like i have to hit it to a foot to make a birdie", "if i don't make this 8 footer for birdie im an idiot", "i should make this", "if i dont make this birdie putt it's ok, ill still make par", "i'm just trying to get it close from 25 feet".  Most of these people don't like putting, make excuses about the greens, dread walking onto a green or practicing putting for that matter, try to score better by hitting it better, don't percieve putting as fun, think their technique is flawed, switch equipment alot, and change grips frequently.  These students are barking up the wrong tree.  If you percieve putting as a chore that you hate you will never make anything.  If you are trying to miss or hoping to get it close, you will never make anything.  It's all about attitude and having a short memory.  If you miss a putt just make the next one.  A 4 foot birdie putt counts the same as a 40 foot double bogey putt.  1 stroke.  Shouldn't we be trying to make every putt no matter the distance or for what score it is for.  I know I do.  Get rid of all the have to's, shoulds, and if's.  Just putt to make and have that mindset of an 8 year old playing putt putt.  If you think about it too much or are afraid to miss you might end up looking like this guy!!