Monday, January 30, 2012


"Your own expectations are dangerous.  The good times and the bad times in golf are so different," Graeme McDowell.  After a stellar season in 2010, McDowell plummeted in 2011.  The main reason?  According to him it was all in his mind.  His expectations were so high after the US Open win it was hard for him to achieve anything, much less have any success.  When you set your goals/expectations so high that you can't reach them you are setting yourself up for daily disappointment.  This process can snowball.  It is very important when you set your goals for the upcoming season that you do a few things:1) write them down, 2) tell everyone around you about them (accountability), 3) make them extremely attainable, 3)  Set a timetable for checkups, 4) Figure out what you are going to do on a daily basis to achieve these goals (regiment).  If you do these things and work at it, there is a great chance you can have some success.  Good Luck.