Monday, August 26, 2013

World Am

Thousands of amateurs flock to the Grand Strand each August to test their padded handicaps against other golfers from around the globe.  These golfers are a different breed.  They come into town sometimes a week before the event so they can scope out the 4 courses they have been assigned to.  They come in and get yardage books, scorecards, and an ice water.  Some of these golfers are seasoned veterans of the event and some are not.  A lot of these golfers show up 2.5 hours early for their scheduled tee time because they are so nervous they can't sleep.  They get to the course early to chug coffee, do their business, fix their swing on the range, and talk it up with the others.  This is like playing in the US Open for these golfers, and they treat it that way.  I don't know who will win this year, but I do know that that guy will be wearing his best outfit, have all his handicap holes mapped out and beat all of the other sandbaggers in the world with his pencil.