Monday, December 16, 2013

Killer #4

Killer #4 Handle back at impact
Having the handle back at impact will cause you to hit fat and thin shots and to lose power and distance.  When the handle is back at impact it is typically caused from having your weight back, casting the club, excessive grip pressure, or bad timing.  Ever heard me say this before?  Again, all of these swing killers are intertwined.  When the handle is back at impact the golfer typically over uses the right hand in a scooping motion and the left arm chicken wings through impact.  The weight is also on the back foot too much which makes the casting motion worse.  The fix for getting the handle in front of the ball at impact is to work on your weight transfer, grip pressure,  sequence(which I will discuss next), and hand placement.  Trying to hit very easy, low shots is a good drill.  Also, hitting balls off of a down slope is a great drill.  You can also lay an alignment rod about 6 inches behind the ball when you are practicing to give you the sense of trying to bottom out your swing in front of it.  A towel can also be used instead of an alignment rod.  Fold the towel so it sits about half of an inch above the turf and about 6 inches behind the ball.  Try hitting shots and missing the towel on your approach to the ball.  

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