Monday, December 16, 2013

New TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

TaylorMade has just introduced their latest driver.  It's called JetSpeed.  Imagine holding an F-16 plane on the end of a stick.  That's what it's like swinging the new JetSpeed.  It is the only driver on the market that has the speed pocket, which became popular with the Rocketballz fairway woods and rescues.  This new driver promotes faster ball speeds because of the technology.  Faster ball speeds=longer drives.  The head is big, the face is hot, and the shaft is long and light.  What a recipe!  This driver was designed to impart lower spin on the ball, especially when you hit the ball low on the face, compared to other drivers on the market.  What does this mean?  You may need to play a higher loft than you are used to playing to maximize you distance.  The idea is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible and to keep the backspin low, so when the ball hits the ground it runs like crazy.  For more information on this driver, check out potential golf.

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